Anna Banana

Anna Banana
1214 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

The Review:

Not the fanciest, but this breakfast burrito will do the trick. It was a little hard to find this place, along with trying to find the suasage in the breakfast burrito. Although it lacked much complexity, adding the avacado (for $1+) was well worth it as that made this burrito experience a lot more enjoyable. It’s worth the stop in and not a bad burrito, just not sure it is worth the price.

Here’s my ratings for The Breakfast Burrito

Overall: 3.8/5
Ingredients: Egg, Sausage, tomatoe, cheese (added avocado), scallions
Size: 3.2/5 – average size and light enough to fill you up
Price: $9.45 +$1 (add avacado)
Photo Friendly: 3/5
Smell: Pleasant aroma but not too overwhelming
Ambiance: Nice little coffee spot vibe, medium cleanliness based off appearance
Burrito Distribution: 1.5/5 – lacked distribution throughout
Creativity: 0/5
Spice Level: 1/5
Greasiness: Very little to none
Sauce Options: Salsa
Sauce Quality: Average Salsa, nothing to go running home about

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